We are able to implement and guarantee high-quality and reliable organization of concerts

Karabas Promotion Company ‚Äč is a relatively new and independent unit in the group of KARABAS companies - one of the largest ticket operators in Ukraine.

The main business of the company is the sale of tickets and the comprehensive development of this service in the country, providing qualitative and honest services for spectators of concert, festival and other mass cultural and sports events. The company has an extensive sales network countrywide, conducts active promotional activities and constantly promotes new technologies in this business sector.

Karabas Promotion started its activity not long ago, but it already has pretty good joint experience in concerts with various local companies. The company knows the market players, local business conditions and have knowledge and skills for successful
operation as a Promotion Company. The company gained experience in the practice of conducting concerts of Western stars by participating in one way or another in the implementation of the production of such concerts as:
Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Sting, Ennio Morricone, LP, The Illusionists and others.

Therefore, Karabas Promotion is able to implement and guarantee high-quality and reliable organization of concerts: including booking Artists, negotiations with venues, hotels, insurance, security and transport companies, customs brokers, catering, advertising agencies, provide ticket sales and promotion concert, execute technical and necessary local production tasks.

The founder and leader of the company, Maxim Plakhtiy, has a long participation in the concert sector and he has a good working experience with the main market participants, and he has also a desire and sufficient personal potential for conducting of this business.

The company plans to organize and conduct concerts of world pop and rock stars at such venues in the city as: Arena NSC Olimpiyskiy (capacity - 50 thousand), Dynamo Stadium (capacity - 20 thousand), Kyiv Sports Palace (capacity - 8 thousand), Concert Hall - Palace Ukraine (capacity - 3.5 thousand) and at other venues in the capital, and It is also possible in the future Karabas Promotion together with other partners will conduct tours of artists in major cities of Ukraine: Lviv / Arena Lviv (capacity - 20 thousand), Dnipro / Dnipro-Arena (capacity - 20 thousand), Odessa / Chernomorets Stadium (capacity - 20 thousand), Kharkiv / Metalist Stadium (capacity - 20 thousand).
All these sports arenas were built or renovated for the European Championship 2012 and have European level infrastructure for concerts.

For better and more reliable work in this direction, Karabas Promotion invited to cooperate the famous company - JSA Europe. By joint agreement, it will help in booking artists, will support of the work for organization and management of projects. But in themain JSA will take a part of the tasks related to the events production - rider of artists and solving local technical matters



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